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Dagmar Cannabis Dispensary Reviews

Cannabis Dispensary located near SoHo, NY

Here's what our customers are saying about us:

  • Michael Stapelberg
    05/14/2024 04:42 PM
    Nice store with very friendly staff. Nice selection of flower and vape pens. Greetings to AJ!
  • aydan s
    05/14/2024 03:02 PM
    First of all it is the most beautiful dispensary you can walk in to. I had few questions about their product since it was ordered to ship it to Europe. AJ is the person to go and ask, any questions. He is very informative, but what impressed me the most is that he made the extra step to find out if it’s legal and possible for the country it will be delivered to. It is a very pleasant experience and customer service is superb.
  • Taylor Semelsberger
    05/08/2024 10:49 PM
    Best dispensary in NYC! Pens, flower, vibes galore.
  • Caleb Short
    05/07/2024 09:07 PM
  • A V
    05/01/2024 08:15 PM
    My go to spot when I’m at st. Marks area. Affordable and the employees are kind.
  • Lisa Ouaknine Lima
    04/26/2024 10:26 PM
    The best in SoHo!
  • Daniel Thomson
    04/22/2024 06:24 PM
    An incredibly cool shop with amazing decor, helpful staff, and, most importantly, great product. Highly recommend.
  • Roshni Hariharan
    04/21/2024 02:04 PM
    Edibles and customer service were really good but the flower was just okay to me
  • kevin liu
    04/20/2024 06:05 PM
    Excellent store and selection!
  • Henry Krause
    04/19/2024 10:50 PM
    Best offerings in the city !